Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Goodbye Karl

I remember before the 06 midterms, Rove was doing an interview with NPR's Robert Seigel in which Mr. Seigel asserted that Rove's own rosy forecast for the upcoming congressional elections may be on the optimistic side. Of course Rove did what Rove always does, he attacked. He accused Seigel of "exhibiting a bias" when interpretting polling data. Seigel stated that he was looking at the same polls Rove was looking at and the math pointed towards disaster for the Republicans at the polls. At which point Rove asserts "you're entitled to your math but I'm entitled to the math. And they call this man a genius.

Rove was good at strategy but not at policy. He didn't out think anyone. He was just willing to do whatever it took to win. Like leaking Valerie Plames name. Or in 2000 in South Carolina push polling John McCain right out of the nomination by saying he fathered an illegitimate black child. Or orchestrating the firing of US attorneys who don't play ball. The architect. Indeed.

He was the architect all right. It is his political philosophy that has governed the government. The facts don't matter. Winning is everything. Power is winning. He is the architect of the doomed. Of the failed Bush administration. And like a rat scurrying from a sinking ship he's running away. But more likely being pushed away. Certainly not by Bush. But by the realist in the GOP. Who want to salvage 2008. It's not just the presidency we are voting on. Several key senate seats are up. And the house will be in play once more. Rove is a liability to the party. They can't afford another 06 in 08.

Obviously the dems have a lot of work to do. The gop will not concede anything, especially not the white house. We got a long way to go till November 08. The gop will continue cleaning house. Rove is gone. Gonzales you're next. Cheney, watch your ass.