Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Case Against Bush

I mentioned not too long ago that the President should probably go ahead and pardon Scooter Libby for his role in leaking Valerie Plame's name to Judith Miller and others in the media. I believed then as I do now that Libby was doing what he thought was the right thing. Protecting the President and the Vice-President. He was protecting them all the while he was being charged for the crime that ultimately the President and the Vice-President should pay for. It is now time to remove George W Bush and Dick Cheney from office.

You will find, even today, folks still willing to say that Valerie Plame was not a real covert operative. That the case against Libby should not have been brought in the first place. What these naysayers fail to realize, or they just don't want to realize, it was the CIA, not the Democrats in Congress, who brought forth the referral. It was the CIA that told Fitzgerald that their employee, Valerie Plame, was indeed covert. That her identity was protected and security had been breached. It was the CIA, not the Democrats who asked for the charges.

Much has been made that Scooter Libby was not charged with leaking Plames name. He was not charged with violating the law that the CIA originally referred to. This is true. Prosecutor Fitzgerald addressed this very issue to the jury. Libby wasn't charged, because Libby told the FBI and other investigators that he heard the name Plame from reporters he was talking to at the time. He lied. Scooter Libby lied. This is what he was charged with. And because he lied to the FBI in the course of an official investigation, he was also charged with obstruction of justice. He was ultimately found guilty of perjury, and obstruction of justice. Because he was lying Fitzgerald could not get to the leaking part of the case. And the only other witness was well, Dick Cheney, and he aint talkin'. Except when he visits the White House to tell George Bush what to do. Like invade Iran.

And invasion is really where this all began. WMD's. Namely Iraqis trying to buy Uranium from Niger. The president presented this story as "fact" in a State of the Union address. And this is where more sand has been thrown in your eyes.

Joe Wilson went to Africa to investigate this Uranium story. He quickly realized the documents were crude forgeries and the story was demonstrably false. And he was right. And nobody thinks this story is true anymore. Although you might read claims from right wing nuts to this day on other blogs. The next grain of sand is this story that Wilson claimed he was sent to Africa by the Vice-President personally. This is another lie. And the right just uses this lie to muddy the waters. "If Wilson lied about that then what else is he lying about."

Which brings us to Joe Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame. It was the Vice-Presidents office who made the request to the CIA that they look into this Uranium in Niger story. Cheney's office ask the CIA to look into the story. They didn't ask Joe Wilson, and he didn't claim Cheney did. Another favorite right wing talking point is the whole "it was Valerie who sent her husband to Niger" claim. She was part of a fake company set up by the CIA. It was called Brewster Jennings. They bought and sold weapons and material for making weapons. It was a real company to everyone else in the world, except if you were a covert agent working for the CIA. So yes, it is possible that she was asked about Uranium and Niger and very likely recommended her husband for the job.

The right sees a conspiracy here. But it doesn't add up. It was the Vice-President who initiated the investigation. And ultimately someone besides Valerie Plame had to give the final OK to go. But the most important thing to remember is back then we were all on the same team. Supposedly. We wanted to know the truth. We were on a quest for the truth and Joe Wilson found the truth. Iraq didn't try to buy Uranium from Niger. Aren't conspiracies designed to hide the truth. The truth came out.

And this is where the real conspiracy begins. This is how you get to a place where the Vice-President can declare he is not part of the executive branch. This is where the Vice-President won't release the visitor logs to his residence. And he won't tell us who was on the secret energy task force. But if the truth gets out...

Country be damned. This is when you out CIA operatives to try to silence and discredit her husband. Because the truth is not welcomed in this administration. Nor is the law. Nor any check on executive power. The constitution does not apply.

The only way to stop them is remove them both from office.
1. When they declare they have the right to ignore existing statutes and the Constitution by eavesdropping on our phone calls, reading are mail, and our email they should be impeached and removed.

2. When they declare the right to torture people in our name they should be impeached and removed.

3. When they declare the right to grab any human being anywhere in the world and take them to secret prisons to be tortured, or worse, they should be impeached and removed.

4. When they abandon the writ of habeas corpus, refusing any sort of judicial oversight for whatever they do with anyone, citizen or not, they should be impeached and removed.

5. When they lie to get us into a war they benefit directly from, they should be impeached and removed.

6. When they pay private security firms huge amounts of money to act essentially as mercenaries in Iraq and at the same time skimp on medical services for our volunteer military soldiers and airmen here at home they should be impeached and removed.

7. When they place the corporate hacks who have done the worst of the polluting in the first place in charge of the agencies that look after our environment, they should be impeached and removed.

8. When they fire US attorneys because they will not bring political prosecutions and replace them with their own cronies they should be impeached and removed.

9. When they leak the name of a covert CIA operative to silence critics of their murderous and greedy regime, they should be impeached and removed.

10. When they have become the worst administration in our country's history they should be impeached and removed.