Thursday, July 22, 2004

"He's not coming home to Toledo..."

 I was watching Bill Maher on Larry King tonight, and he really summed up one of the main problems with Bush.  Maher was referring to Bush's "born again" Christianity and how this belief that Christ will only return when Israel is restored and how this shapes his foreign policy.  Maher describes two different outlook's in our country.  One group wants to cut open a chicken and "read its entrails" to find the direction the country should go.  The other group looks at a compass to find direction.  Ron Reagan Jr. referred to this as anti-intelectualism, when describing the administrations ban on stem cell research based on religious reasons.  And where are all these people who think like this.  Why are Bush's poll numbers so high, albeit falling, still around 50%.  He should be limping out of office, instead this is shaping up to be as close as the 2000 election. 
Also, today the 9/11 commission report was released.  You know what is most stunning, not one person has been held accountable for the failures on that day.  Not one person has ever been fired.  I guess there are a couple of people we can fire November 2nd.       


Blogger Jon said...

Well, Ron Reagan, Jr. should be considered the bastion of intellectual, scientific thinking, shouldn't he? I'm sure he's read several science textbooks in his day. Basically, using federal funds for stem-cell research is banned, but private research is not banned. That means that private companies could stand to gain billions if they used the research to find an Alzheimer's cure. If it is so promising, where are all the big-name companies right now?

As for Bush's poll numbers, you must be living in France not to know a Bush supporter. I even know some in California, and you live in Tennessee, a state that turned its back on its native son. To quote Coldplay lyrics (I'm sure they'd love me for using them to support Bush) "Open up your eyes."

3:55 PM  
Blogger RBP said...

Well, Ron Reagan Jr. along with his mother Nancy both agree the government should be funding stem cell research. Millions of American families have been touched by Alzhiemers disease, (I lost my grandfather to it) and it is indeed the government's responsibility to help fund research to help treat and possibly cure such diseases. Health care should be treated as a human right, not a business. Just as the government funds AIDS and cancer research, so should it fund stem cell research. The problem is the funding, or lack of funding is not being scrutinized on any scientific basis. Religious conservatives have decided that stem cells should not be used because of a belief that they constitute human life and therefore would be killing an innocent child. I just believe that funding should be based on thoughtful scientific merrit, rather than religious decree.

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