Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Neo-con's Checklist

One only has to look at a map to see the next logical choice for the neo-conservatives "mid-east make-over."  With the fleet headquartered in Bahrain, one can stand facing Northeast , out over the Persian Gulf, to your extreme left you have Iraq, to your extreme right you have Afghanistan, and right in the middle, low and behold Iran.  Already we are hearing talk of a connection between Iran and 9/11.  It's as if the groundwork is being laid to prepare, should the election go their way, for an invasion sometime next year.  Why are we just now hearing about this? 
Well, for starters, the American people wouldn't have stood for an invasion of Iraq, if it became clear that the evidence pointed to Iran.  No Iraq was always their main goal, even before 9/11.  And after 9/11, the case had to be made, for an invasion.  There was always this undercurrent of chatter about some sort of link between Saddam Hussien and al-Qaida.  Followed by weak public denials that such a link existed.  The administration allowed the public to believe the link existed so as to support the invasion.  That, along with tales of WMD, and neighbors being threatened gave them all the justification they needed to go into Iraq. 
But 9/11 is the administration's ace in the hole.  The fact is, it's a lot more plausible that Iran would have some sort of link to the hijackers because of it's religious extremism.  And Iran does seem to have a more robust weapons program.  So now that we have purchased the Iraqi bag of goods, the hard sell, it's time to poney-up for the Iranian bag of goods, the soft sell. 
There's only one way to stop it, throw these guys out of office.  Let's bring some rationality back to our foreign policy.           


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