Monday, July 12, 2004

Mr. Bush Makes a Choice

I saw the news today of the President defending his decision to invade Iraq. He acknowleged that no weapons of mass destruction have been found, but went on to say he had a choice to make. He could believe Saddam Hussein, or defend America. That, according to Bush, was his choice. DEFEND America? Doesn't it say something in the oath of office about defending the constitution ergo, America, our way of life? It's a nice turn of phrase, but the fact is, he had no choice at all. He's supposed to defend America, no matter what his other choices are. But he constructs his argument in such a way so as to make it appear he had no choice but to invade Iraq. "I didn't believe Saddam, so I had to invade." Interestingly enough, Saddam, at least as far as weapons of mass destruction were concerned, was telling the truth. Bush wants it to seem as if people who opposed the invasion are somehow sympathetic to Saddam. An all or nothing proposition that has absolutely no merit. Nobody supported Saddam. He had no friends. At one time, the world was united in its dealings with him through the UN. But all that changed when W became President. God help us if he stays on for another term!


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