Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Weapons Related Program Activities, or The Little Boy Who Cried Wolfowitz

I was enjoying a nice cheeseburgar and freedom fries the other day when it suddenly dawned on me. The President might have been wrong about going to war. It's just a theory but here goes. The main reason stated for going in the first place was the weapons of mass destruction. Let's face it, they're not there. And if I hear one more administration official say "just because we haven't found them doesn't mean they are not there" I'm going to scream, "Shut up you fool!"
I don't know what's scarier, the people who try to perpetrate the myth, or the people who allow the myth to be perpetrated on them. Why are millions of people in poll after poll still saying they would be willing to re-elect this lying, half-awaited, Jesus freak. I don't get it. Actually I do get it. One person said to me with a straight face, they were worried that they would pay more in income taxes at the end of the year if John Kerry was elected. At the time I should have said, "well you know this war is costing the taxpayers 6 BILLION with a "B" dollars a month. Talk about writing checks, we'll all be writing checks for a long time to pay for this absurdist nonsense. But I didn't say anything, cause I was dumbstruck. But I hope somebody says that to me again cause next time I'll be ready.
And another argument you used to hear but not so much anymore is that old chestnut about Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden being old pals who planned the whole 9/11 operation together. Saddam Hussein is a lot of things but he's no religious freak. Not like George Bush and John Ashcroft and Osama Bin Laden are. No, Hussein was a good old fashion '30's style dictator. His role model was Joseph Stalin. Oh, he found religion when those M1 Abrams tanks were rolling down the tarmac at his namesakes International Airport in Baghdad. But that's just for show. That's just to inspire the local folks in Iraq to arm themselves against the infidel American occupiers.
And some people insist it was important to get in there and put an end to Saddam's torture chambers. Ahem, yes...And then open them with plenty of oportunities for women and minorities to participate. And to ensure compliance take plenty of pictures. Now thats what I call Freedom.
Thank you W can I have another


Blogger hapagurl said...

I too am constantly dumbstruck by the ignorance or even worse, lack of critical thinking Americans exhibit.. i received an email yesterday from a good friend of mine which was informing me that the liberal press was biased against the Republican administration and therefore wasn't printing all the "good" things happening in Iraq since we went in and stirred doo-doo up... The amazing thing was that some of the "facts" were blatant lies; "girls are going to school for the first time ever"..right, actually prior to 91, 92% of girls attended school regularly, or important information was left out; 100% hospitals up and running, all doctor positions filled, immunizations to approx 450,000 children.. sounds great..except that prior to 1991 (Gulf War, W's daddy) that was the case too, but due to US/UN imposed sanctions, nothing was allowed into Iraq and they had no income sufficient to repair all the infrastructure that the US "bombed back to the stone-age".. and there were many other mistatements of fact that i had to spend precious work time responding to and correcting - i spent half an hour on google to find FACTS by credible sources, the UN, UNICEF, FAIR, etc.. to back me up.. half an hour folks to be a critical thinker and to challenge what you hear! *sigh* i'm glad there are others out there who don't buy what the govt. tells you!

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