Monday, June 14, 2004

M. Butterfly (ballot)

I'm sure most of you know, the sexiest thing you can do for democracy is vote. Show your democracy that you're a caring, gentle lover, and register in advance. And don't just clumsily vote for President and hurry off. Take the time to get to know your ballot, and vote in the local and state elections as well. Don't neglect the referendums, which is a common mistake among novice voters. The ballot is a very sensuous document, that needs attention in all areas, not just the "Presidential" boxes. Voting is a right all adults share. You should exercise that right whenever the opportunity arises. Hopefully it rises often. Oh, and if you do decide to vote, I don't recommend putting your finger on the Bush. Thank you.


Blogger coup_d_tat said...

vote, schmote. it doesn't count anyway. i'll wear some high heels, instead.

12:38 PM  
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