Tuesday, July 13, 2004

London Calling

In three weeks I will be in swinging London. When I come back, is anybody's guess. Today it was 10000 degrees in the city of Memphis. It's burning up here in more ways than one. So if I can manage, I will never come back. Maybe I'll get a job working on a boat on the Thames. Or maybe I'll wash dishes in some dodgey pub. I have a friend who lives there, I'm sure he could put me up for a while. I also have family, sort of, who live there. My brother married an English girl and her family, I'm sure, would allow me to stay for a while. I could cultivate contacts all throughout Europe. Hitch-hiking around, Hulk-style, doing odd jobs, and helping people out by getting incredibly mad and smashing something, or in my case incredibly drunk.
I do know my way around boats, and Europe is a very boat-friendly environment. I took what seems like a lot of French classes, but can't speak any. I am going to Paris though, for sure. I'll be in the city of lights for two nights. Left bank, ex-pats, smarmy French attitude, I can't wait. And then there's the incredible works of art, magnificent cathedrals, and universal health care, which hopefully, I won't need. Aside from some psychiatric help. It will be great, it will be my first time there, and it won't be as hot and humid as it is here. And I hear they like people from the dirty South, cause of Elvis and all.


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