Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Bush Twins Interview (an excerpt)

Vogue: So tell us about your dad?
Babara: Well, he's hilarious. Very funny.
Jenna: Yeah.
Vogue: What about your grandparents?
Babara: You mean the ones who were president and first lady?
Vogue: Yes. Those grandparents.
Babara: Oh, they're hilarious.
Jenna: Yeah.
Vogue: Tell me about your mom.
Babara: Well, she's a clean freak. But very funny.
Jenna: Yeah.
Vogue: So, why should people vote for your dad?
Babara: Cause he's like our dad and stuff.
Jenna: Yeah.
Vogue: Thanks a lot girls, it's been a pleasure talking to you.
Babara: Yeah.
Jenna: Yeah.

Here's a joke. How many members of Vice-President Dick Cheney's energy task force does it take to screw in a lightbuld?

None of your goddamn business!


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