Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Johnny Kick a Hole in the Sky

Sounding like an old-time country preacher, John Edwards laid out his plan for one America, at the Democratic National Convention. He began by toutinng John Kerry's Vietnam service and heroism. He ended by repeating the mantra: "Hope is on the way!" Amen to that. We are Americans and we choose to be inspired, Edwards told the rapt audience, because in America anything is possible. This was a very positive speech, not once mentioning the Bush administration. No attacks whatsoever, a tactic I doubt we'll see next month in New York, when Vice-President Cheney gives his address. My favorite line of the night was, "The stars and stripes wave for them, the word hero was made for them," when referring to the men and women serving in Iraq and Afgahnistan. All in all it was a good speech, I was worried there at the end when Edwards started sweating, he became a little shiney, it was a kind of distracting. Barack Obama's speech last night was better, just more energy. Tommorrow night, Kerry will speak, perhaps Edwards toned it down a bit so as not to overshadow the star. Hope is on the way! Hope indeed.


Blogger leftyjones said...

I'll admit that the speech did not lift me out of my chair but it was solid and was not an attack laden missive. Hopefully, Kerry will shine a little bit brighter tonight.
I do like Edwards though. If things don't work out in November (god forbid) and he can perfect his populist ways without sounding too hokey....He could be something to see.......

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Blogger leftyjones said...

Oh...and by the way, I linked your site on my page. Figured I'd share the wealth when it came to right-wingers.

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Blogger RBP said...

I saw that you linked me, I feel as if I've arrived, in blogland. I don't have any links yet, because, frankly, I'm not really sure how to, I drive a boat for a living, not a real tech savvy job. But I wouldn't trade it for the world though, lot's of time for reflection. I do have a few "computer nerd" friends, they should be able to help. Hope springs enternal.

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