Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Past Is Prologue

The time I've spent here, in beautiful London, has been a life altering experience. For me, it confirmed a lot of suspicions I've had about the basic goodness of people. I've also been surprised. Surprised by the vastness of this city. Surprised by the way it is layed out. London is an organic urban landscape. The streets are not on a grid system, which would be terribly efficient, rather London has grown like an onion with differing layers upon layer, some of them overlapping and folding upon each other. The randomness of it's streets belies the civility of it's populace. The people move about in this urban landscape in the most orderly fashion. If an elderly woman gets on the crowded tube, a seat is immediately offered to her. People wait patiently while the tube car is exited before boarding, no pushing and shoving, that would be very un-British.
"Do you drink MOW-TAN-DO?"
"What about GAY-TOR-AID?"
These were some questions I got, with the overly pronounced syllables at a few pubs. It was all in good fun. "They taste similar, don't they, mountain dew and gatorade?"
Oh yes, we had fun with that one.
The people, this was the best part.
Today, I didn't go anywhere touristy, I went to a cookout. My favorite part of the whole trip, talking to people who live here. My gracious host's friends are all colorful characters, a lawyer, a writer for a London paper, a hand bag designer, a financial consultant, a web-designer, just to name a few. We discussed everything, politics, music, I found out a lot about other cities in Europe. I hate leaveing. I don't want to leave. But one thing I know is, I'll be back. My first trip here, was just laying the groundwork for subsequent trips.
I get a feel for a place rather quickly. I can tell in no time at all if I "get" a place or not.
I "get" London. I feel at home here. I love it!
Next stop,dreaded reality...but there's always next year!


Blogger justrose said...

So sorry your London interlude is drawing to a close . . . but hanging out with the locals is the best! Now you can bring home your list of 900 things you want to do next time, and start planning.

Safe trip home.

7:31 PM  

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