Friday, August 06, 2004

Good Food, Lovely Music, Fit Staff, With Tight Assess...

That was written on a placard in front of a restaurant in Greenwich. I love England! I love the English sense of humor. On the boat trip yesterday, the captain pointed out Somerset House. For a time, this is where they issued marriage licenses, birth certificates, and death certificates. "Match 'em, hatch 'em, and dispatch 'em, they used to do there." See, funny.
This morning we visited the Natural History Museum. This is a very large, beatiful stone structure. The building itself should be in a museum. All of London should be in a museum. Inside, there were fossilized remains of dinosaurs everywhere. We spent three hours walking around and still only saw 25% of it. It's just to massive for one day. It's not all dinosaurs, we walked the human body exhibit, as well as the geology exhibition. Great stuff on valcanoes and plate tectonics.
When we left, we walked around the corner into the pedestrian subway emerging a few blocks away, and checked out Royal Albert Hall. Got some good pictures there, including Prince Albert's memorial, across the street in Hyde Park. Hyde Park! I just got in from Hyde Park. Once again, the whole world was represented. I even took a survey being conducted by this Thai graduate student about tourism and the internet. The fact that she was completely beautiful, had nothing to do with it I assure you. But that may have been why I ask her to have drinks with us later on tonight.)
Which is why I am updating now, rather than at the end of the night. The weather in London is spectacular. And when it's like this everyone, as my gracious host has explained to me, likes to go out and about. (Every pub we've been in has been packed every night.) And tonight it will be crazy. When we get back in is anybody's guess. I don't really know what's going to happen tonight, but I doubt I'll be updating the dirty south for a while! Cheers everybody!


Blogger ~Jen~ said...

This is so cool!!!!

Details on the date please.


If you enjoy art, the National Gallery is fabulous. I think it is next to Trafalgar (sp?) square, if memory serves.

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