Monday, August 02, 2004

A Fine Day To Be Travelling...

Authorities are closing the Holland tunnel and beefing up security in DC, and I'm checking to see if I packed enough Mach III razors. New Jersey is in lock-down, and I'm wondering, khakis, jeans, or shorts for the 8 and a half hour plane ride to Amsterdam. A fine day to be travelling indeed.

I wonder, as I take stock of reading materials for my backpack, what if something happens while I'm out of the country? What if I can't get back, when I plan? My thoughts range from the serious; (Madrid train bombings earlier this year), to the mundane (thank God I don't have to arrange for the care and feeding of a pet or person while I'm gone) The practical; (how much money to bring, when/where to exchange it) to the absurd (I will feel better if there aren't 14 Syrian musicians on my flight) These are the times we live in. No more fool-hardy jaunts overseas for the free-spirited. No, now you worry about things like contact information, next of kin notification, State Department travel advisories. You worry about looking too American, becoming a target. You wonder, how many metal detectors will I pass through before I get to see the Mona Lisa, and will that be enough.


Blogger leftyjones said...

Ah....International travel!
Exhilirating isn't it?
Enjoy yourself in Amsterdam and take the time not to worry about anything else.
In general, as much as they love to complain about us on the whole, most of the world's citizens are actually quite fond of Americans on a personal level.
Just exhibit your usual good sense of humor and never, NOT ever, use the letter "W".
Keep that in mind, the (w)orld is your oyster.
Have fun!

2:15 PM  
Blogger DaveSplash said...

Just tell them you're Canadian. No one will hassle you. Oh, and smoke one for me while you're still in Amsterdam (it's ok to inhale).

4:38 PM  
Blogger 91ghost said...

Just look people in the eye, and remember if your gut is telling you something, it's telling you something for a reason...and please, smoke a wonderful fat one for me as well.

8:10 PM  

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