Monday, April 11, 2005

Air America Comes To The Dirty South

Al Franken will broadcast from the Civil Rights Museum here in Memphis Tuesday April, 12th. I'm bummed that I have to work, or I would definitely stop by. Honestly, I've never heard his show. I like his books, and his humor, and his politics. The problem is, until recently, his show wasn't even on in Memphis. And like most liberals, I don't NEED to be indotrinated by the party intelligencia. I get my news from several different sources and then make up my own mind.
The "ditto heads" who listen to Rush Limbaugh, on the other hand, require that daily affirmation on "how" to think. His show is just a pep rally for the pseudo-populist, nouveau racist, dim witted, moronic, rabble, who lustily hang on his every word like derranged lemmings. He has been discredited so many times; no one takes him seriously anymore. (With the exception of those above.)
So in honor of Frankens visit to Memphis, I will tune in, and maybe even try to call in and say something mean about "W", or Delay, or even Limbaugh. You know, the way talk radio should be.


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