Thursday, February 17, 2005

Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert: pseudo-journalist, right wing hack, snappy dresser.

I love stories like this. A guy, who is not a journalist, get's waved into the White House briefing room on a regular basis, uses a phony name, and even gets to ask the President himself a question in a rare prime-time press conference. This guy who went by the name Jeff Gannon, claiming to be a "reporter" for something called Talon News, and who's real name was Jim Guckert, get's in to the White House, but a real reporter, Maureen Dowd, who has covered the White House since 1986, get's her press credintials held up for months by the Bush people ostensibly to do another securtiy check.

What were they checking for, and how tight could security be if one guy is using a fake name. Of course Guckert didn't use a fake name to get in, let's hope. But really what's worse, the fact that he got in, and the White House knew he was using a fake name, or, he got in, and they didn't know. Besides not actually being a journalist, Guckert had to use a fake name to hide his "other" hobby. And what is that? Gay porn!

Ala71 has a feature on her blog called "In The Sandbox" which shows a picture of some young, good-looking GI. I know it's for the ladies who visit her blog, but it just so happens Guckert was doing the same thing at Of course, his focus were other guys. Which is curious because one of the articles he wrote during the campaign was called "Kerry Could Be First Gay President". The only purpose being to ramp up the homophobic euphoria that already exist in the extreme right wing of the country. I'm sure most of these people never visited or, two more Jeff Guckert sites. So much for family values, and so much for telling the truth.

This White House lies to get us into war, and lies to get partisan hacks into the press room. Even closeted gay partisan hacks who aren't journalist.


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