Saturday, April 09, 2005

Jeff Gannon Wants You To Know The Truth

When Jeff Gannon came up with the name "James Guckert", he had your best interest in mind. That is, if you were one of the "red" state people who were glad to have a second Bush presidency, you were cool with it. That thing about him whoring himself out on his own gay website, well, we don't know about. We only know the way He CHARACTerisd the accusations was - "that is an allegation" -

I am still in awe about a man, who for the last two years, has been waved into the White House press room on a daily basis under a fake name, had very little in the way of explanation, as to why he had been allowed to do so. But kudos to him for showing up in the first place. His plan was to spin a partisan yarn and make the "left leaning media" seem like they are on a witch hunt.

Problem # 1. He used a fake name as his by-line.(Jeff Guckert)

Problem # 2. He used a fake "news orginazition" as his cover.(Tallon News)

Problem # 3. He used his "real" picture for his solicitations on his gay websites.


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