Friday, April 01, 2005

Another Religious Nut Threatens America

Tom Delay started out his career as an exterminator. Now he wants to exterminate the Constitution. He doesn't care about checks and balances; unless you're referring to the illegal checks funneled through his Texas PAC and the balances left in his bank account. He wants to impeach the judges who upheld the law and the constitution not because the judges did something wrong or illegal, but because he didn't agree with them. This is the same man who had to have the ethics rules changed to make it harder to investigate and punish his own misconduct. Like using the FAA to track the plane of Texas state representatives who fled the state trying to stop the jerrymandering of district lines. Or holding open the voting on the medicare bill for three hours while he threatened and bribed members of his own party to get them to support it. Or how he circumvented Texas state law by funnelling $190,000 to the RNC and then directly supporting his PAC candidates with that exact same $190,000.

But Delay is not bothered by any of this. And he will tell you himself, he answers to a "higher authority" than the Constitution. Of course he does, him and every other religious nut. The problem with governing an entire society based on religious doctrine is evident when you examine the countries that do it. Look at Iran, look at Saudi Arabia, is this what kind of government we want? The religious nuts got together and attacked us on 9/11. Now, the Mullahs in our own country want to attack the Constitution.

The irony is that now, the true conservatives are finding themselves allied with the liberals. They both agree that the government should stay out of our lives.


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