Tuesday, February 22, 2005

RIP Hunter S Thompson

[This is a] forced march through my personal history. I don't think many people could sit calmly while boxes of intimate - and in some cases no doubt incriminating - correspondence were dredged up from sealed basement vaults. But I did, Bubba, but always from afar, from the greatest distance, trying not to cause trouble - and because I wanted to stay in the shadows and act like I was dead, and others tried to act the same way. "Mistah Thompson, he dead..." We all understood that their work and their lives and their long-range professional Fate would be a lot easier if I went out on a slick Ducati motorcylce one night and never came back.

-From the Author's note for "The Proud Highway"

Thompson, is the reason I became interested in politics in the first place.


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