Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Divine Intervention

Everyone who works on the river likes to gamble to pass the time. We work twelve hour shifts night and day. That's a lot of time to kill when there's nothing going on work wise. I learned how to shoot craps from old guys who have been working out here since they dropped out of school when they were twelve. Poker and blackjack are other river staples. Personally my favorite way to lose money gambling is sports betting. And this is where divine intervention comes in.

I started blogging as a goof over the summer, and for some reason I fell into this weird Philadelphia subculture of bloggers. I now know why that is, God wants me to bet heavily on the Philadelphia Eagles to win the NFC championship game and then parlay that into an even bigger Super Bowl win. It all makes sense. It's all so clear to me now. And it's not just the Philly connection, my brother lives in Jacksonville, site of this years Super Bowl.

I will have to consult with my spiritual advisor (and she knows who she is) about exactly how much to bet. And of course, I'll have to consult with Lefty on the over and under.

Go Eagles!


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