Friday, August 27, 2004

Go Fish

Let's see, do you have a Willie Horton?
No go fish.
Do you have a Larry Flynt?
Do you have a Jesse Jackson?
Nope go fish.
Do you have a Christopher Reeve?
Yep, here you go.
Do you have an Al Sharpton?
No, sorry.
Do you have an FDR?
Yes, FDR.
OK, here you go.
Do you have a Barrak Obama?
Do you have a Max Clelland?
I'm out!
I can't believe you played the disability card!
Who knew there was such a thing?
I know!
Turns out there is!
(hah hahahaha) Laughter all around.


Blogger ALa said...

Cute RBP...very cute. I'm glad that I could help educate you in the dirty tricks of your party. There is a 'race card' (which you played first with Willie Horton) and there is the 'disability card' (which was played with the sweaty torso of the ex-senator) --I will alert you as any other wild cards emerge...
Thank you . Thank you very much.

10:34 AM  

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