Thursday, October 27, 2005

WMD's Coming Home To Roost

I'm sure if you ask around on certain blogs, you can still find people who will say that Saddam moved all his WMD's to Syria just before we invaded Iraq. They'll also say the jury's still out on this whole yellow cake uranium from Niger to Iraq boondoggle. And they'll probably say this Joe Wilson guy's a partisan hack and his wife was a low-level analyst. And this whole Fitzgerald investigation is politically motivated.

These are some of the talking points of the last year. But we should go back to March 2003. And remind ourselves of what the talking points were then. When W, Cheney, Condi, Rummy, Wolfie, and all their Fox News brethren were telling us that we were in danger. Saddam was coming to get us with his WMD's. And if he didn't, his good buddy Osama (there's a name you don't here very often) would use them against us. They had a plan, see. Just like in Afghanistan, see. And if we didn't go in, the smoking gun would be a mushroom cloud over an American city. Worse than 9/11 they said. We must go now they told us. They even convinced poor Tony Blair.

Now, this mushroom cloud, that would be from the Niger uranium, presumably? Only the uranium sale was a fake. Right? Uh - yeah!

Who said it's a fake?

Joe Wilson?

Who the fuck is this guy? (that's a Cheney line, can't you hear him say that, I hear he cusses a lot)

Rove knew what to do. We'll fuck him. We'll fuck him like he's never been fucked before. Just like we did McCain, just like we did Gore, and just like we did Kerry. Rove is very good at his job. But only if he can operate in the shadows. He is the wizard behind the curtain. The spin machine depends on two things: message discipline and controlled leaks. The problem for Rove this time IS the leaks. That, and his main star attraction (W) is a complete fucking monkey moron. Remember his lame-o statement after re-election. I've amassed some political capital (ahuh) and I intend to spend it. So he goes out a multi-city tour (even coming here to Memphis) to tell everyone he wants to get rid of social security in order to save it. Kind of the way the Patriot Act dismantles our freedoms in order to save us. And then there was that weird "conversation" with the troops via satellite. They brought the cameras in to show the president being folksy with the folks serving in Iraq but it just came off as a cheap political stunt. Scripted and lame. Rove's mind must be elsewhere.

Hopefully, by today, there will be some indictments handed down. We'll get to hear Rove say a la Tom Delay, how he intends to clear his name; but for now, he must step down yada yada yada...And who knows what the president will say. Something like - You're doing a heck of a job, Rovey!

Please God, let the indictments come today......

Damn, right after I finished this, I turned on the news and found out Harriet Miers has withdrawn here nomination for the supreme court.

I love how the right wing nuts say they don't want a litmus test for the court. But the truth is they do. This is how they got rid of Miers, she is not crazy enough for them. Personally, I don't think she was the most qualified, but so far my favorite quote has to be from good ole Trent Lott. I just caught his interview with that smokin' new anchor on CNN (I think she's from India).

Lott, on who the president should consider next for the court - He should look around the country, be it a man, woman, or minority......

Good ole Trent Lott. And the good ole crazy right wing, not afraid to embarrass their own president to advance their far-right religious agenda. They're going to actually force the president to form a coalition with the moderates of both sides of the aisle.

Here's a new bumper sticker:

The American Religious Right:
Just as fanatical as Al Qaeda, but much better dressed.



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