Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Awash In A Sea Of Corruption And Cash

The senate voted 100-0 yesterday to pass a supplemental $82 billion dollar spending bill. $76 Billion for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush praised the bi-partisan way the bill sailed through Congress. Now everyone can feel good about how we strongly support the troops. It's easy to see why such a measure passed so handily. I mean it's not like we're going to PAY for it. No, no - see, this is the feel-good way of supporting the troops. We'll just vote them some money. Shazam! No sacrifice (not for the wealthiest among us) Deficit? What deficit?

Oh, and that's not all. Here Halliburton, in addition to your no bid contracts, and your bilking us for gasoline and construction contracts - here's an additional 72 million dollars in bonuses for doing such a good job. Yeah, that's right, the Army announced yesterday Halliburton was getting a BONUS! Hey, why not? I mean, if you consider the $300 billion spent on the war so far, $72 mill is chump change.

Also in yesterday's bill, $592 million for a new embassy in Baghdad. And guess who's going to build that. Actually, I don't know if it's going to be Halliburton or not. But who else could it be? And why not? They're doing such a good job.

I don't even blame those guys at Halliburton. They're just the rat hitting the feeder button, it's our government providing the cheese.


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