Monday, April 25, 2005

Frist Comes Out In Favor Of Respecting Judges

In a break from the Delay wing of the Republican Party (read: religious nuts) Bill Frist has decided that the American people should respect judges rather than retaliate against them if we don't agree with their rulings. Frist, my home state Senator and Majority Leader, wants to appear as moderate as he can in preperation for his expected run for the presidency in 2008. And this is what passes for moderation nowadays in the GOP; not impeaching (or worse) judges for unfavorable rulings.
Frist also lied when he said that the Dems move to filibuster judicial nominees was the first time in history a judge has been prevented from getting an up or down vote on the floor. Lie, Lie, Lie. The Republicans controlled the Senate for most of Clinton's presidency and bottled up numerous appointments in committee. Nominees that NEVER recieved a vote.

It will be fun to watch the new populist Frist emerge over the next three years. Already his aides have been quietly grooming him for the primaries. It's rumored that part of his primary strategy will be to perform open heart surgery on Dick Cheney at key stops in Iowa and New Hampshire. Which will culminate with Frist performing mitro valve replacement on himself, to showcase his healthcare initiative which is tentatively called - CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN, YOU'LL SAVE MONEY BY HEALING YOURSELF: VOTE FRIST!


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