Saturday, May 14, 2005

Another Strong Man Gets A Free Pass

"The people of Uzbekistan want to see a more representative and democratic government. But that should come through peaceful means not through violence and that's what our message is," - Scott McClellan, White House spokesman.

So the message is spreading democracy through peaceful means, not say, invading a country and toppling the resident strong man. Not if that strong man happens to be in bed with the US. Islam Karimov, a hold over from the bad old Soviet days, allows the US to base planes in that country to support ongoing operations in neighboring Afghanistan. He is denounced by human rights groups for his repression and torture of his opponents. There is no free press in Uzbekistan. Dissent is not allowed.
And today we read of hundreds of protesters killed by Uzbeki troops. The sham of "spreading democracy." And the shame of supporting the killing of innocents. It's no surprise that Uzbekistan has oil reserves.

It's no wonder the rest of the world see's the Bush Administration as hypocritical and even dangerous. They do exactly what they want to do and damn the rest of the world. They say their goal is to spread democracy, yet they prop up repressive regimes in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Uzbekistan. What they want is a strong man who takes orders from Washington, the way Saddam Hussein used to back when he was fighting the Iranians.

Democracy in Iraq, if it ever truly takes hold, is not what the neo-cons in Washington are after. Picture this; a referrendum held throughout Iraq on whether to allow US troops to stay. Do you think the majority of Iraquis would vote to keep them? Now the neo-cons in Washington know the answer to this, but they count on the true believers in red state America, those who are still waiting for our troops to be welcomed with roses, and a compliant press, to perpetrate the myth that the insurgency is nothing more than foriegn Islamic extremist and a few Saddam loyalist.
The idea that there could be popular support among ordinary Iraqis for the insurgency is something you never read about.

I'm reminded of Richard Myers quotes last year before Congress: "There is no way to lose militarily in Iraq. There is also no way to win militarily in Iraq."

I would add there is also no way to avoid being seen as a hypocrite to the rest of the world, if you're the Bush administration.


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