Thursday, October 07, 2004

Debate Predictions

If Mr. Bush doesn't shit in his pants or sneeze a booger out of his nose, he will be considered the winner of the debate Friday night. Let's face it, the bar, already low enough before the first debate, has been lowered yet again. NO ONE, not even his supporters, expect him to be great Friday. But if he manages to not shrug his shoulders and grimace like a pissed off adolescent, or make faces like a chimp, he will be crowned victorious by the media. And I mean the "real" media, not Fox News. Fox News has already taped their post-debate analysis, at least according to a memo Dan Rather has in his possesion. I can prove it, Friday night, Sean Hanity will say the following: "The President was much more comfortable in this *town hall* setting, than he was in the first debate. He seemed more a man of the people, more likeable. Kerry seemed too stiff and French-looking."
But the rest of the media will follow suit because they want Bush to win to set up the all important show-down debate next week. The only way Kerry will be declared the winner, is if he levitates Charlie Gibson using only the power of his mind. (But that would be cheating)


Blogger Woody said...

Lets pray for a something or someone being levitated then.

6:28 PM  

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