Friday, September 17, 2004

Tenuous Stability

That is now the best case scenario being presented by the latest National Intelligence Estimate for Iraq. So, for 200 billion dollars and misguided foriegn policy, the best we can expect is "tenuous stability" in Iraq. That doesn't seem like a fair trade. If we go back to the build-up to war, do you think the American people would have supported a war that has taken, so far, over 1000 US servicemen and women, for the stated goal of removing Saddam Hussein and replacing him with a "tenuous stability."

The country that benefits most from all this is, Iran. Ironically, one of the founding countries of the "axis of evil." The instability in Iraq makes it easier for radical Shiites from Iran to infiltrate and orginize and destabilize the US supported Iraqi government. And if the situation does stabilize to the point of actually being able to hold elections, the majority of the country are already Shiites, and therefore would undoubtedly elect a government more friendly to Iran. So democracy in Iraq would actually benefit Iran, more than the United States.

But who's holding their breath for elections in Iraq in Janurary? Not me. We'll do well to have free and fair elections in this country in November.


Blogger ALa said...

Newest Gallup pole has Bushie 15 pts ahead...
Un-employement at 5.4% (lower than the 5.6% when Clinton was re-elected)
Home ownership at an all time high
Home ownership for minorities at the highest ever in US history
Even NY has returned to pre-9/11 un-employment numbers
household incomes at a high

...but hey, who say that you Dems like to dwell on the negative....??????
What's good for America is bad for liberals --because you care about beating George Bush more than the good of the masses....

11:34 AM  
Blogger The Virago said...

Where are you!?

9:01 AM  
Blogger RBP said...

Jen- I've been preoccupied lately. Some friends of mine are getting married in Destin next week, and several of us keep getting "bumped" from our hotel rooms because of the after-math of Ivan.

And politics in general is just draining-I keep getting emails from the state coordinator saying "Hey, Tennessee is in play, keep up the good work!" So it's out with the yard signs and the stickers and the standing on corners...but the poll numbers...the crappy poll numbers... It's exhausting, but I will be back, I will never give up. To the debates!

4:17 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

Bush is doing a really good job in office. Kerry cares more about beating bush and acts like he is give promises when he is really giving flipflops. Yes, no, maybe?!

Kerry does not belong in office. I think the clintons know that. They want a republican to win so next election, hillary Clinton can run.

7:44 PM  

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