Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Debates, Destin, And Everything Else...

I didn't get to see the first debate. Other than brief glimpses at the TV behind the bar at Goatfeathers, near Panama City Beach. I went down to Florida for a wedding, and except for one night at another gathering, politics were not discussed. And the night they were, yes it was at my insistence. I like politics. Which is the reason I read so many of these kooky blogs. But there are times when it's good to get away from that stuff for a while. To be with family and friends, hang out on the beach, spend ALL the money you can get your hands own. You know, have a life.
I didn't get to SEE the Veeps square-off tonight either, but I did hear it on the radio while at work on the river. And the first thing that struck me, was, "hey these guys are sitting down!" The whole time at work, I was imagining them standing. And also, I thought I heard Cheney getting tired, and was imagining what that might have looked like. Or wondering if he was going to have a heart attack. I didn't want him to, mind you, I just wondered how Gwen Ifill would handle it. Would she allow Edwards time to respond? Would the two sides agree to reschedule if the current Veep dropped dead? Would Dennis Hastert automatically become Veep, and if so, would he have to run out imediately and begin debating like a tag-team wrestler?
OK, so the debates, while I do enjoy them, are not going to sway my vote. I'm not saying we shouldn't have them, I'm saying, I'm a party man. I follow the news, but I am partisan, I admit it. I'm not saying I would never vote for a republican, or an independent. But in this particular election cycle, I'm voting for Kerry, and I already know that. I don't have to listen to Dick Cheney say, "and this is the first time we've met..." to John Edwards to know he is a liar. He lied about that, just like he lied about Iraq, just like he lied about Haliburton.

So enough politics for now.

Driving through parts of Penscecola, looked like a war zone. There is still a large relief effort going on down there. On parts of I-10, there are still piles and piles of pine trees, felled by Ivan. From Mobile, to Panama City Beach, there was noticeable damage. Massive sand dunes, from recently cleared roads, houses heavily damaged or destroyed. Beach accesses all but washed away, and gasoline still not widely available.
The hotel I stayed in was full of out of town relief workers and displaced families. At night the parking lot would fill with utility trucks and tree trimmers. I was there for six days, and everyday things got a little better.Those guys were busting their asses. And I did my part for the relief effort and local tax base by purchasing as much alchohol as possible. And if you're ever in Goatfeather's, try the stuffed flounder, it's excellent!


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