Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Mr. Bush Sets The Record Straight (ha ha ha!)

Dubya finally gave his impressions concerning the missing high explosives in Iraq today. The President said John Kerry was "jumping to conclusions" about what really happened with the explosives. How ironic the president is ordering restraint before we make up our minds about weapons that may be in the hands of the enemy. Perhaps he wants John Kerry to exercise the same kind of restraint the President showed when he jumped to the conclusion that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

The problem is, we KNOW these explosives were there, no one is disputing that they weren't there. And we also know, they're not there now. Bush went on to say today that if Kerry had been President, he would have not removed Saddam, and therefore, Saddam would still be in charge of these explosives, and MAY have given them to terrorist. Well, the terrrorist DEFINITELY have them now, so thanks a lot dubya, time for you to go.

We are not safer. We are not better off.

Kerry in a landslide!


Blogger ALa said...

Funny how everyone is so worried about THREE TONS of explosives --when our troops have destroyed 400,000 tons in my estimation that means if Kerry was President they would have 400,003 tons.... of Kerry's top advisors -Jamie Amanpour , ooops I mean Rubin --said that Bush let the insurgents get the WMDs...HE SAID WMDs....I THOUGHT THERE WEREN'T ANY WMDs...
Remember the Global Test? Well, I want Kerry to pass and AMERICAN test...Let's see -should we believe the corrupt Oil for NO food UN? The Corrupt IAEA? FRANCE? Saddam? Or AMERICA, BUSH and OUR troops....I know who Kerry will pick....Flashback to 1971 --when then TOO he picked the VC and communism over our country and our troops...
Luckily I have met all you Kerry voters --now I know right where to go if he gets in and we get hit again!

10:15 PM  
Blogger RBP said...

All you have is fear and lies Ala, fear and lies. You're just repeating the message of the Bush machine:
"Elect Kerry and we will all die!"


10:16 AM  
Blogger ALa said...

That's cool, put your money where your mouth is...if any kids are harmed due to Kerry's dovish ways -promise to fall on your sword!

1:00 PM  

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