Monday, October 20, 2008

The Powell Endorsement

Of course I was happy about it. And I believe he was right on in criticizing the McCain campaign about the whole Ayers thing. And about his decision to pick Palin. It was a dumb move on his part. Even if the powers that be forced his hand he should have stood his ground.

One thing I think is interesting is this new line re the Powell endorsement that somehow Powell took a swipe at Palin by pointing out the fact that she's not ready. That's not a swipe. Almost nobody in the country is ready for that job. Very few people in fact. So yeah Powell was absolutely right in saying Palin is not ready for the job but so what? She was a good enough sport to go on snl. She seems to have a sense of humor. She can give a good rousing speech. She appears to be a great mom soon to be grandmother. Let's let her go back up to Alaska and enjoy that big ole family of hers. She won't bother us and we won't bother her. After November 4th.