Saturday, October 18, 2008

Paging Joe The Handyman.

Forget plumbing. I need some dry wall work done. The last crew that were in my condo were (how should a liberal put it) ah, part of Mr. Bush's "guest worker" program. And let's just say there was a lack of communication due mainly to the fact that I took meaningless French in high school and college and these guys spoke Spanish. I don't even care that you're not licensed. I just need to know if you can fix a few spots on the wall. I would also like some hardwood flooring installed. About 500 spare foot is all I need. Shoot me an estimate, I promise not to make fun of your stupid bald head.

Of course I'll need to wait and see how big a tax cut I will get next year being that I myself do not make 250,000 a year. On second thought, maybe you should get someone else to come in and do the estimate since you don't seem to be all that good with numbers. Nevertheless I'm sure your better at mixing up and applying joint compound than I am. Thanks dude.


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