Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin Lives To Fight Another Day

I can admit that she did better than expected. And by doing so a case can be made that she won. Of course she didn't change my mind about who I'm going to vote for and that's the main problem for McCain/Palin. I think mainly what she did was redeem herself in the eyes of so many people (me included) that she isn't in fact as stupid as she seems. No way do I believe that she is the most qualified person, man or woman in the Republican party to be on the ticket with McCain. But, at least for herself she stopped the bleeding.

As for Biden, there weren't any obvious gaffes. I think maybe he laid back too much in order to seem not like a bully. I wouldn't call this a game changer.

As far as the last two Obama v McCain debates: Again I think only something unusual or unforeseen could move the polls in either direction. That's not to say the polls are frozen, certainly they are not. But it's highly unlikely that the debates themselves including the winking Sarah Palin, will change a whole lot of minds.

The economy and the war will determine this election. Not catchphrases, not lipstick, not playful flirting with the camera. Issues matter.


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