Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCains Hail Mary

In the words of an old Marine aviator I know, McCain has "shit his mess kit." This call to suspend the debate on Friday is just a nakedly partisan move brought on by McCain's sagging poll numbers. If he had truly wanted to present a bi-partisan front with the Obama campaign then he would have gotten all the details worked out behind the scenes and then issued a joint statement. Instead, McCain goes in front of the cameras and says he's shutting down the campaign and wants to put off the debate. And calling on Obama to follow his lead. Follow his lead? Even if he wanted to Obama can't just go along with this because it would look like he's taking orders from McCain. And I think this is what McCain wants. He doesn't want bi-partisanship he wants to be president! And he's trying to shake things up. Just like the hissy fit he through when the party elders told him he couldn't pick Lieberman for veep. Sometimes desperate measures are called for. The economy isn't the only thing in trouble. The straight talk express is going straight to hell.

The one positive thing for McCain is now the media isn't talking about the protective bubble Sarah Palin is in.


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