Sunday, March 25, 2007

Well, There's Always Next Year, Even For You Dorsey

I chose your picture because you represent both the future, and the past of Tiger basketball. The future because next year you'll be a senior, a team leader, and a spokesman. And as a spokesman, I hope you don't tell everyone within earshot that you will shut down the big man you're going against in the next game. The bad news is - you got schooled yesterday and were made to look foolish. The good news is you got schooled by a lottery pick. Hopefully coach told you to worry about your own game and not the guy you play tomorrow. And mostly because of you, your tomorrow won't come until around November.

Enough jokes. We got five returning starters on a team with back to back elite eight showings. Coach Cal is promising not to go to Kentucky. (not that they've asked officially) And we've got a couple of real blue chips coming in the fall. Things could be worse in Tiger nation. It was a good season.


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