Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Subpoenas And Such

Bush and the people who handle him always put their supporters in the most awkward of positions. Harriett Miers is exhibit #1. When Bush wanted to give her the ultimate patronage job - Supreme Court Justice, conservatives howled because she wasn't "one of them." Although, she probably would have voted exactly as she was told once on the high court. The woman is nothing if not loyal. Now the conservative are forced to defend her because of her kooky idea of firing all 93 US attorneys and replacing them with political hacks.
Of course, it was Rove's idea, but she's the enabler. Just like outing Valerie Wilson was Rove's idea. They made Libby the enabler/sacrificial lamb. So, expect Rove not to testify. Or at least expect the White House to fight the subpoena tooth and rusty nail. They know they can draw this out the length of the presidency and they intend to.

But Miers on the other hand, may be offered up to appease the moderates on both sides. And to assure the Guiliani and McCain campaigns that this thing will "go away." Put on your martyr clothes Harriet Miers. Just as easily as they dumped your nomination for the Supreme Court, they are about to dump you entirely onto the Senate Judiciary Committee. Do us all a favor. Stop with the blind loyalty to a dangerous and dangerously stupid president. Testify against these assholes. Name names. Give them Rove. Give them Gonzales. Hell, be a hero and give them the whole presidency. It's never too late.

Look, I understand the concept of appointed US attorneys serving at the pleasure of the President. I get it. But to fire at least eight of them, in the unusual manner these guys were fired, and then claim they were fired based on non-existent performance reviews fits a pattern. These guys were fired because they didn't succumb to the pressure to harrass Democrats in their districts. Plain and simple. So if you're going to fire people in ostensibly non-political jobs for political reasons at least come clean about it. Or better yet, don't do it.

This administration lies without thought. It lies about war and the reasons for war. And even lies about whether the Vice-President went to the hospital on a routine check-up or because his leg was literally killing him. It lies about social security. It lies about prescription drugs. All they have are lies. But the truth is starting to get out, that's why no one believes them anymore.


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