Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Endings?

The point here Teddy is no, there is nothing wrong with you being gay. There's nothing wrong with you being confused about it. There's nothing wrong with you not wanting to hurt or embarrass your family. Clearly you have issues to work out.

When you were, um, BUSTED, your first reaction was - "this might just be election year politics." After all it was you and your group who campaigned openly (haha) for anti-gay marriage amendments across the country. And it was you who said directly into the camera in that "Jesus Camp" documentary - "We don't have to have a debate about homosexuality, the scriptures tell us it's wrong." And then looking in the camera deadpanning, "I know what you did last night. If you send me $1000 dollars I won't tell your wife." It was kind of creepy BEFORE we knew you were a complete hypocrite. Now it's just sad. (ok and funny)

Like the old saying goes: He who lives in ass houses shouldn't throw cocks.

Ted Haggard. You're Fired!


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