Thursday, May 18, 2006

a war with no reason

now the atrocities are starting to come out. 30 dead for no reason. 30 Iraqi civilians gone with no nothing...

why did we go into Iraq?

oh yeah:

because Saddam had weapons of mass destruction!

because Saddam caused 9/11.

because Iraq represents a gathering threat.

because ... i told you so...

George Bush is full of shit. It's not his fault. He only does what he is told. He is a fucking shell of a president. He is without a doubt, the worst president in United States history. He is in waaaay over his head.

The way he speaks in public? People used to say it was his folksy charm. They used to say he only SEEMED dumb. He's a fucking tool. And even his base knows it now. The only one's who still claim to support him are crazy right wing bloggers and those running for congress in November.

It will take years for our country to recupurate from W's years of: incuriousness, lack of understanding, lack of real world experience, lack of basic knowledge. He sucks as a chief executive. He sucks as president. And he will go down in history as the worst president this country has ever seen. And our children and grandchildren will spend their entire lives, picking up the pieces of his policies.


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