Friday, January 20, 2006

Why Does Google Hate America?

I've been reading about the justice departments efforts to see what people actually "google." Google, inexpicably has decided to fight the government and protect the privacy of the folks who use their service. Why does google hate America? Don't they know that if they don't comply with the orders of the justice department, Bush will declare them an enemy combatant and whisk the lot of them down to Guantanamo or some nameless prison in Eastern Europe or the Middle East? Don't they know who they're dealing with?
As an example to the rest of blogland, I've decided to list my most recent google searches, so the government will know that I, for one have nothing to hide.

1. "lovely lasses with tight asses" (Ok, this was for a research project I was helping a friend of mine complete. See, nothing to be ashamed of.)

2. "chix with dix" (Same as above, research people!)

3. "asian pussy stampede" (Look, part of my Asian cookbook had been destroyed in small kitchen fire, this, believe it or not was one of the recipes."

4. "horny asian pussy stampede" (I wasn't completely satisfied with the above search results.)

5. "anal roughriders" (I was researching a "problem" I didn't want to bring up with my doctor)

6. "horny asian anal roughriders" (Again, I wasn't satisfied with the above results.)

7. "horny asian anal roughriders pussy stampede" (ditto)

8. "Belgian beauties bouncing on balls" (I have a thing for alliteration)

9. "Paris Hilton video" (looking for accomodations in Europe)

10. "William Sonoma" (trying to find drapes for the condo)

I don't know what the big deal is?

Get over it google!!!


Blogger Dev said...

Nice post.. I had to write a similar one about the DoJ giving Google a headache.

'Ideally, hot chicks should give you results about poultry.. not Brianna Banks.'

5:18 PM  
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