Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Lincoln Group

The Lincoln Group is a Washington DC based organization that plants stories in Iraqi newspapers for the Bush administration. Just as the administration has paid pundits in this country to write glowing articles touting the benefits of policies such as no child left behind and the healthy forest initiative, they also pay entire newspapers to print friendly articles about the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Here is part of the Licoln Group press release given out this week:

[We counter the lies, intimidation, and pure evil of terror with factual stories that highlight the heroism and sacrifice of the Iraqi people and their struggle for freedom and security. We are encouraged by their sacrifice and proud to help them tell their side of the story.]

And so far it has cost them six million dollars to do this. Even the propaganda war is costing too much. But I think the larger point is how are we supposed to be "spreading freedom" while at the same time subverting freedom of the press? And if the truth is on our side, why do we have to plant stories favorable to us?


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