Thursday, April 06, 2006

RBP Goes To Washington

Yes, that's right folks. I'm going to Washington tomorrow and I have work to do. I'm not going as a tourist. I'm going as a concerned American. Concerned about what is happening to our country, our constitution. And I have a plan. The first thing I'm going to do is go see the actual constitution at the national archives. I understand they have a gift shop there where you can purchase an authentic looking souvenier of the constitution complete with all the original signitures. I plan on buying as many as I can afford. Then I'm walking to the white house, and to everyone I see who is going in one of the gates I'm giving them a copy of the constitution. I'll tell them, could you be sure the president and his staff read this please, it's very important. Particularly the parts in the fourth amendment concerning unreasonable search and siezure. But I won't be done there. Next I'll head over to congress with some more copies of the constitution ( I will be steering clear of that hot-head, Cynthia McKinney). I will explain to congress the role of checks and balances laid out in the constitution. And remind them that they are on of three co-equal branches of government, just as powerful as the executive. And tell them that the power of oversight is one of their responsibilities and is indeed a check, on the executive. I'll tell congress that if the president just declares that he can arrest anybody in the world and hide them from the judicial branch, torture them, but not actually charge them with anything, they should do something about it. Or if the president tells his national security administration to ignore a law passed by congress and ignore the constitution and go ahead and listen to as many phone conversations, read as many emails as they like without a judges permission, then they should do something about that. I would take some copies over to the Supreme Court but by then I'm sure it'll probably be getting late, and really, what good would it do for most of those guys to read the constitution anyway? We already know what they think about it before we ask. Right?

Or maybe I'll just go bar-hopping and sightseeing.


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