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I guess I should have been more vocal for John Edwards in Iowa. I don't think very many people in Iowa read thedirtysouth. As a matter of fact, not very many people in the world read thedirtysouth. Of course I haven't blogged much lately in the first place and when I did I never came out full force for anybody this primary season. Did I? I tell the people in my real life who I am supporting. Most of those people have been supporting Obama. And congratulations to them and to him. I think Obama would be a fine president.

But no one has spoken out more eloquently or more passionately about the plight of the working poor in this country than Edwards. I got to see Edwards speak here in Memphis a few months ago and he reminded me of an old time country preacher. I know he's selling something. He's selling himself. But he's also selling the idea that to be great in America is not just to succeed in business. It's not just to build a huge mansion. (for which he himself has been derided for in the media and in blogland) It's not just to build an empire of far flung enterprises. It's the idea that helping others is just as important. That service to your community is just as important.

I agree with what Norman Soloman wrote about Edwards the candidate:

[ There have been good reasons not to support John Edwards for president. For years, his foreign-policy outlook has been a hodgepodge of insights and dangerous conventional wisdom; his health-care prescriptions have not taken the leap to single payer; and all told, from a progressive standpoint, his positions have been inferior to those of Dennis Kucinich.

But Edwards was the most improved presidential candidate of 2007. He sharpened his attacks on corporate power and honed his calls for economic justice. He laid down a clear position against nuclear power. He explicitly challenged the power of the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical giants.

And he improved his position on Iraq to the point that, in an interview with the New York Times a couple of days ago, he said: “The continued occupation of Iraq undermines everything America has to do to reestablish ourselves as a country that should be followed, that should be a leader.” Later in the interview, Edwards added: “I would plan to have all combat troops out of Iraq at the end of nine to ten months, certainly within the first year.”

Now, apparently, Edwards is one of three people with a chance to become the Democratic presidential nominee this year. If so, he would be the most progressive Democrat to top the national ticket in more than half a century.]

Now that would be awesome!

But right now, a respectable second in Iowa doesn't do anything for a candidate who has been trailing third consistently in national polls. But there is still meager hope.

Speaking of Hope. Another guy from Hope Arkansas is taking his party by storm. I'm from Arkansas and let me tell you, Huckabee is no Clinton. Amen!


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