Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Surge Is Working! Or Has Worked! Or Something To That Effect!

Of course this is the message of the White House spin machine delivered by it's very own hand picked general, before congress, God, and everybody. Much like Colin Powells testimony to the UN in 2003. Testimony Powell later said he regretted. And he regretted it because it was full of lies. Lies designed to sell a war.

Most Americans now realize they were lied to. Deliberately by the president and vice-president. And no matter how many generals they trot out we just aren't going to believe them. It defies logic to suggest that General Petreus gave congress his own completely independent assessment of the surge in Iraq. Even before he was finished testifying the president was giving a speech saying he accepted the generals recommendation that the surge was working and now some troops can come home. He didn't need time to look it over with the Secretary of Defense and the vice-president, he just accepted it huh? Right. Of course he accepted it, he wrote it! Or his people wrote it.

I have a question. If the surge is such a success, why not continue it? Why not expand it? Why not make it official policy until there really is a stable secular democracy in Iraq? I'll tell you why. Because just like this war from the beginning it's a lie! The surge is not sustainable for one thing. This rotation of 30,000 thousand troops coming home over the next year has to happen. So they just spin it to seem like it was all part of the plan from the beginning.

The surge was supposed to provide the security on the ground to allow the formation of a stable political structure in Iraq. As soon as the surge began, the Iraqi parliament went on vacation. Of course they had good reason to go on vacation. Aside from the death squads and IED's, as White House spokesman pointed out, "It's hot in Baghdad in the summer!" So I suppose the heat may slow down the political process a bit. Right.

But nobody wants to talk about the policy. They want to talk about's ad against the general. Of course the people most up in arms about it are the same ones who gladly stood behing the Swift Boat ads attacking John Kerry in 2004. The substance, the policy, the reason's behind those policies, are never really discussed. The president gives us a general who says things could be better but they are not so bad as they once were.

The president himself goes on television to tell us that when he leaves office, there will still be well over 100,000 American service men and women in Iraq. In other words, he's not ending shit. President Bush doesn't want to admit he failed. And he was wrong for invading Iraq in the first place. He just buying time now.

Whoever is elected in 08 will spend their first two years undoing the horrible policies of the Bush administration. And it's not just Iraq. Whether it be a Democratic of Republican administration they will: Get us out of Iraq. Allow funding for stem cell research. Either reinstate the Kyoto accords or otherwise restrict the release of carbon in the atmosphere. And that's just for starters.

As for Bush, he may put off the withdrawal from Iraq. But he will never escape the harsh judgment of history. A horrible president. One of the worst. Maybe the worst ever.


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