Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scott McClellan Gets Even

First of all I haven't read McClellan's book and neither have you because it doesn't come out until Monday. But I have seen Dan Bartlett and Karl Rove come out and say they just don't understand what happened to Scott. What in the world has possessed him to say such terrible things about the Bush White House? Well I know. And if you've been reading this blog for the last four years you know too. Scott McClellan was lied to about who was responsible for outing Valerie Plame. AND THEY LIED TO HIS FACE! Now at the time I wasn't sure if someone lied to McClellan or if he was just lying to the American people but I did know it was a lie!

Of course it was a lie. This administration was built on lies. First they tried to lie about being warned that Bin Laden was determined to attack the US. Then, thanks to the 9/11 commission we know the president was given a report titled "Bin Laden Determined To Attack US." He lied! Then they lied about Saddam Hussein either, depending on what day it was, having weapons of mass destruction, or helping Bin Laden plan 9/11. He lied. He lied so much that on the eve of the Iraqi invasion 70% of America thought Saddam did have something to do with it. He lied. Bush said Saddam had tried to buy yellow cake uranium from Niger in the State Of The Union!!! He lied. And he was called on that lie by Joe Wilson in the New York Times. This made them so mad that they outed his wife, a covert CIA operative who worked trying to make this country safer against wmd! She was actually working undercover to protect America against wmd's and they outed her to get to her husband. They lied. And when it came out that this was a plan executed by White House. They lied. They lied to their own press secretary. These fucking people. More importantly they lied to the American people. They lied to get us into a war they have no plan to get us out of. And when people like Scott McClellan tell the truth, they attack. Or when former secretary of the treasury Paul O'Neill wrote that planning for the invasion of Iraq began before 9/11, they attack.

In the coming days I'm sure we'll here quite a bit more about Scott and how he just doesn't seem like himself anymore. I'm sure he does seem different to Rove and Cheney and Dan Bartlett and George Bush. He's different because he stopped towing the party line. He is different because he got out of that fucking hell hole called the Bush administration. And come January 20th, we'll all be rid was these lying ass incompetent fucks!


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